donderdag 22 februari 2018

Letter to my grandpa

Dear great grandad. I know you're in the stars now. It's february 22. That means it's your birthday. I just wanted to say happy birthday. Every night I think about you. Then I look at all the stars. And the most shiney, sparkely and the prettiest one, that is you. I now it sounds crazy but every time I go into the sea I hear you scream:'Don't go to deep, you will drown.'
Do you still remember me? Because I think you do. Do you remember all the times we used to dance with each other. Do you remember when I screamed grandma where are you. And you said:'I am here'. Do you remember all of us. You was my best friend. The reason I am doing all of this is because I want to say sorry. Sorry for what you're probably wondering right now. I am so sorry. Truly sorry. When I was youg I used to make a list in my head of our family. And I would say who I liked the most and the least. I places you on second least favorite. Becease you where old and I am so angry at myself. For doing that. Then I heard you had cancer and there was a chance that you would die. My mom told me. I ask you if it was. You sad it was but then you said:'I am never going to die, I promis.' A year later mom called us to her favorit place. She started to cry. She sad I need to tell you something. Gandpa died. I looked into her eyes. I thougt he promesd me he wasn't going to die. I was angry and I screamed at my mom. He is not. He can't be. But he was and I started to cry.
Now I am 11. And I think you would be really, really proud of me. I am a gymnast now. And I'm start dancing tomorrow. I just want to say I am truly sorry. And now you are on the top of the familylist. Everyone misses you and I miss you to. If you read this. Please come to me and say everything is fine.

class 6